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Why MTNL Ads

MTNL Ads should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. More than any other form of advertising, MTNL Ads advertisements have the longest life span, as the ads are stored in the email folders by users. Email users often reply, forward or even re-open their emails later for various reasons. In these scenarios, efectiveness of the advertisement is amplified. Here is a list of key factors that shows why you should choose MTNL Ads.

On Target Directly reach out to the broadband email customers of the preferred ISP in Mumbai
Cost Effective Whether you have a budget of Rs. 5000 or 1 Million, MTNL Ads has a plan for you.
Effective With longest life span and ability to be seen on mobile devices, MTNL Ads is extremely effective.
Flexible Run multiple campaigns for the same product/service and identify what works for you the best
Easy to use Intutive screens to setup, enable/disable and manage your daily/overall campaign budget
No Spam With SPAM emails blocked and discarded, your ads are guaranteed to be delivered to user inbox
Track performance Built-in graphical reports provides key performance parameters including CPC/CTR
Promote Use this platform to create awareness or announce press releases of your products/services
Reach Increase your website traffic by distributing your microsite and campaign landing pages