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MTNL Ads enables organizations to create Email advertisement campaigns for their Products/Services and display them to users.

1. Why is there a need for Agency partners?

MTNL Ads is an easy to use portal for managing advertisement campaigns. However, you might prefer to outsource the management of this portal to experienced agency partners.

Agency partners may offer consulting on designing the perfect advertisement campaign. They can also manage and tweak the campaigns for maximum effectiveness. Agency partners charge a management fee (in addition to MTNL Ads expenses) for their services.

2. How can I become an Agency partner?

To become an Agency partner, you need to enroll in MTNL Ads agency partnership program.

To qualify for this program, you should have at least run one advertisement campaign successfully in MTNL Ads plaform.

Once you enroll in this program, your business name will be listed in our MTNL Ads Agency Partner directory, which is available for the interested clients.

3. What is the procedure to become an Agency Partner?
  1. Register for an MTNL Ads account.
  2. Create and run an MTNL Ads campaign to completion.
  3. Create a page in your web site, which says that you are a partner of MTNL Ads for Digital Marketing programs.
  4. Once you do the above, login to MTNL Ads Control panel.
  5. Go to Account Information and click Enable listing as an Advertising Agency Partner.
  6. Once approved, your organization will be listed as a MTNL Ads partner.
4. How should an Advertising Partner page be designed?
  1. Create a page in your web site, which says that you are a partner of MTNL Ads for Digital Marketing programs. For example: 'Carizen' partners with MTNL Ads for providing comprehensive and affordable Digital Marketing to organizations.
  2. The logo and a link to MTNL Ads should be included in above page.
  3. The above page must be reachable by at most one click from the partner's Home page. For example, in your website home page, add a hyperlink to the newly created page in a prominent location.
5. What are the advantages of being an MTNL Ads partner?
  • Your contact information is listed in MTNL Ads Agency Partner page and potential clients can contact you directly, therefore getting quality leads for your business is high.
  • You can charge MTNL Ads client, a management fee for creating and running their MTNL Ads campaign.