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MTNL Ads enables organizations to create Email advertisement campaigns for their Products/Services and display them to users.

1. How do I create a new advertisement campaign?
  • Login to MTNL Ads Control panel
  • Click on "Add New Campaign" Link
  • Enter the required parameters
  • Click on "Submit"
  • Wait for advertisement to be approved
  • Add to your MTNL Ads account balance (if required)
  • Click on "Enable" link next to the created advertisement campaign
2. I created a new advertisement campaign. It shows the status as "Waiting for Approval". What's up?

Every new advertisement campaign has to be manually approved by our Editorial team before it can be made active. When an advertisement is newly created/modified, it is placed in "Waiting for Approval" state. This means the advertisement is in queue to be approved by our Editorial team. Once approved, it goes to "Approved" stage. At that point of time, you can activate the Advertisement.

3. I activated an Advertisement, but even after 1 day, I do not see any impressions. What's wrong?

MTNL Ads follows a bidding process and advertisements with highest bids are appended to emails. Therefore, it is possible that your advertisement had a lower bid than other advertisements and therefore was not delivered.

In that case, we would suggest the following:

  • Check minimum successful bids in the past week using the "Bid History" link in control panel.
  • Decide on an appropriate bid
  • Disable the advertisement
  • Increase the Bid per email
  • Activate the advertisement
4. I do not see all my campaigns in the Control panel. What's wrong?

For your convenience, MTNL Ads, by default, only campaigns created over the last one year.

If you want to see all campaigns or campaign in specific states (like "Exhausted Budget", "Waiting for Approval", etc.), you can choose the Criteria from the Combo box and click on "Submit".

5. How do I see various performance metrics of my campaigns?
  • Login to MTNL Ads Control
  • If your campaign is not displayed, select appropriate criteria and click on "Submit" to display the campaign
  • Click on Campaign name
  • Click on "Display Performance Statistics"
  • You will get all Performance metrics associated with the Campaign
  • By default, graphical reporting of CPC, Impressions and Number of Clicks will be for the last one week
6. How do I refresh the performance metrics of Advertisement campaign?
  • Click on "Hide Performance Statistics"
  • Click on "Display Performance Statistics"

The latest metrics will be displayed.

7. What is the difference between "Number of times displayed in current run" and "Number of times displayed so far" metrics?

An advertisement campaign can be disabled and enabled at any point of time. "Number of times displayed so far" metric gives the number of times advertisement was displayed over its full life cycle.

"Number of times displayed in current run" gives the number of times advertisement was displayed since last time it was enabled.

8. How can I edit the text of a running Campaign?
  • Login to MTNL Ads control panel
  • Disable the campaign by clicking on "Disable" link next to campaign name
  • Edit the campaign by clicking on "Edit" link next to campaign name
  • Change the text and click "Submit"
  • If the text/URL has changed, the Advertisement will be submitted to Editorial team for approval
  • Once approved, you can enable the campaign and activate it
9. How do I change the Account Password?
  • Login to MTNL Ads Control Panel
  • Go to 'Account Information' page
  • Enter the new password twice
  • Click on 'Save Preferences'
  • Logout
  • Now you should be able to login with your new password
10. How do we change Account details including contact details?
  • Login to MTNL Ads Control Panel
  • Go to 'Account Information' page
  • Enter new account details
  • Click on 'Save Preferences'