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MTNL Ads enables organizations to create Email advertisement campaigns for their Products/Services and display them to users.

1. How do I pay for MTNL Ads advertisements?

MTNL Ads follows a pre-paid model for payment. Every MTNL Ads account is associated with a cash balance. To pay for any operation (specifically activating an advertisement) recharge your account with the required Cash Balance.

2. What is the minimum recharge amount for my account?

MTNL Ads account balance recharge must be a minimum of INR 5000.

3. How much Account balance do I need to activate an Advertisement?

To activate an advertisement, you need to have a minimum cash balance equal to the Budget of your advertisement.

For example, if you want to activate two advertisements, one with Budget of INR 1000 and one with Budget INR 1500, you will need to have a minimum balance of INR 2500 to activate both the advertisements.

4. What happens to Account Balance when I activate an advertisement?

When you activate an advertisement, the budget specified for the advertisement is deducted from Account balance.

For example, let us say that your Advertisement budget is INR 1000 and your Account balance is INR 2000. After activating the Advertisement, the account balance is reduced to INR 1000.

5. What happens when an Advertisement's Budget is exhausted?

When an advertisement's budget is spent, the campaign status changes to 'Budget Exhausted' stage and the advertisement will no longer be considered for placement.

An email is sent to registered email id regarding this event.

Until the advertisement is enabled again, it will not be considered for placement.

6. What happens when an Advertisement is disabled?

If an active advertisement is disabled, it is placed in 'Disabled by User' stage and will not be considered for placement. Any budget left in the Advertisement is added back to the Account balance. For example:

  • If Account balance is INR 1000
  • Advertisement total budget is INR 2000
  • Budget left is INR 500
  • When you disable the advertisement, Account balance is increased by budget left (which is INR 500) and becomes INR 1500.
7. Is MTNL Ads account balance refundable?

No. MTNL Ads account balance is not refundable and can only be used for enabling MTNL Ads Advertisements.

8. What options are available to add funds to my MTNL Ads Account balance?

As of now, the following options are available to recharge your account cash balance:

  • Account Transfer using NEFT, IMPS
  • Online payment (Credit card, Debit Card, Net Banking)
9. How can I check my Current Account balance?
  1. Login to MTNL Ads Control panel.
  2. Click 'Account Information'.
  3. The account balance will be displayed next to 'Cash Balance' field.
10. How can I add funds to Account Balance?
  1. Login to MTNL Ads Control Panel
  2. Click on "Account Information"
  3. Click on "Recharge" button next to "Cash Balance" field
  4. Enter the amount in INR in the Edit box next to "Recharge Amount (INR)" field
  5. Click on "Update"
  6. The total payment to be made will be displayed.
  7. To make the payment click "Pay Online"
  8. An alert will be displayed informing that there are no refunds.
  9. Click on "Submit"

This will take you to the Online payment gateway page. You can follow the given instructions. Upon successful transaction, your Account balance will be incremented by the Recharge amount. You can check your Account balance using Question No. 9 above. A tax invoice will be generated and available for viewing in the Control panel.

11. Is MTNL Ads Online payment Secure?

Yes. MTNL Ads uses HDFC Bank Payment Gateway. Payment information is passed using High Security SSL between MTNL Ads and HDFC Bank Payment Gateway. All payment information including Credit card and other details are handled by HDFC Secure pages.

Note: MTNL Ads does not store your credit card details.

12. I made a credit card transaction but my account balance is not updated. What's wrong?

Normally, account balances are credited as soon as a successful transaction takes place.

However, in a few cases, the credit card processor may flag some transactions for manual verification. In that case, your transaction will be manually verified. This may take a maximum of 24 hours. Unill the verification is complete, the account will show the old balance. Once the verification is complete, your account will be credited with the amount.

13. I tried to recharge using the FREE2K coupon found in my MTNL Bill. I could not recharge and got an error message saying "This coupon is only valid for MTNL Broadband users.". What do I do?

MTNLAds confirms that you are a valid broadband user by checking the email address given at time of registration. Every broadband user gets a free and using the same guarantees that user is a genuine MTNL Broadband user. If you are a MTNL broadband user, you can do the following to make use of the coupon.

  1. Send an email to with your CA Number, Landline number and MTNL email address you require
  2. Once the email address is created, register for a new MTNLAds account with the MTNL Email address.
  3. Use the FREE2K coupon to recharge.