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MTNL Ads enables you to create Email advertising campaigns for your Products/Services and display them to users.

1. How many advertisements does MTNL Ads display per month?

As on 1 Aug 2016, MTNL Ads displays about 1.7 Million Advertisements per month. We expect to be able to display nearly 5 Million advertisements per month by end of May 2017.

2. If only the highest bidder gets their advertisement displayed, will my advertisement ever be shown?

Yes. Your advertisement can still be shown. Every campaign has a daily budget and once it is exhausted, it is taken out of play. Then the advertisements with the next highest bid is shwon.

3. How much should I bid to make sure that my advertisement would be displayed?

Advertisement bids can change depending on the number of advertisers and Inventory (number of emails sent/received)

Typically, weekends see much lesser emails than in weekdays. Since inventory is lesser on weekends, your advertisement, which may have been displayed during weekdays may not be displayed during weekends.

You can view bidding history for the past one week and see the lowest winning bid for which advertisements were displayed. While conditions may have changed since then, making your advertisement bid a little above the lowest winning bid will maximize the chances of your advertisement being displayed.

4. What are the factors that improve the chances of displaying an advertisement?

There are three factors that determines whether an advertisement is shown or not:

  • Overall budget for an advertisement
  • Daily budget for an advertisement
  • Bid price

Even if another advertiser has bid a higher price, if their daily/overall budget is exhausted, their advertisement will not be considered for display. In that case, if your campaign has the next highest bid, with sufficient daily/overall budget, then your advertisement stands a chance to be displayed.

5. I need to have advertisements as an Image/Banner/display ad. What can I do?

If you would like to have bigger advertisements, we would suggest the following:

  • Use the link of your website/landing page in MTNL Ads advertisement.
  • or

  • Design a web page with all the materials you would like to put in and use that link in MTNL Ads advertisement.
6. I see the Number of impressions for my advertisement campaign going down. How is that possible?

While the above is a rare sight, it is possible because of the fraud detection features of MTNL Ads.

MTNL Ads runs an Email through its fraud detection features. Once an Email passes through this feature, your campaign is charged and the advertisement is added to the Email.

Some Frauds can only be detected after the advertisement is added to the Email. If MTNL Ads detects such frauds, it does a refund to your Advertisement campaign. In this case, the budget left in your campaign goes up and Number of impressions comes down.

If you monitored your Advertisement using MTNL Ads Control panel, before and after the refund, you will see the number of impressions going down. There is nothing to worry about here.

7. What is CPC?

CPC - Cost per Click is a metric that shows your short-term advertisement performance. The formula for CPC in MTNL Ads is 'Total cost of the campaign till date divided by number of clicks'.

For example, if your advertisement has incurred INR 1000 and received 20 clicks, CPC is INR 1000 / 20 clicks, which is 50.

8. What is CTR?

CTR - Click Thru Rate is a metric that shows your short-term advertisement performance. The formula for CTR in MTNL Ads is 'Number of times the advertisement was clicked divided by the number of times advertisement was displayed times 100.'.

For example, if your advertisement was shown a total of 10,000 times and received 150 clicks, CTR is 150 / 10000 * 100, which is 1.5%

9. Why is detail of CPC / CTR given?

CPC / CTR is an indicator of effectivness / attractiveness of advertisement text. By making the text more attractive, CPC / CTR can be improved. That is why these parameters have been given in MTNL Ads Control panel.