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MTNL Ads enables organizations to create Email advertisement campaigns for their Products/Services and display them to users.

1. What is MTNL Ads?

MTNL Ads is a portal that allows you to create, run and manage marketing campaigns using advertisements for your products/services.

2. Where will the advertisements be shown?

The advertisements will be displayed in emails sent and received by MTNL email users.

MTNL Ads run on a secure email server that filters out spam messages. Therefore, your advertisements will be placed towards the end of genuine emails sent/received by MTNL email users, which pass the spam filter.

3. What is the format of advertisement?

Advertisement can be in two lines:

  • First line in text format - maximum 80 characters
  • Second line as URL - your online campaign page or website where the customers can find information about your product/service

Both the promotional text and URL will be added to the end of the email. Here is a sample advertisement:

  • STOP SPAM, STOP Virus, SAVE Bandwidth

The ad will be moderated before display.

4. What is the profile of users who see the advertisements?

Your advertisements will be displayed to MTNL email users in Mumbai and they are:

  1. SEC-A + category consumers
  2. Internet savvy
  3. SME Businesses
  4. Students
  5. Consultants
  6. Households

You can laser target the upscale Mumbaikar using this platform, effectively.

5. What kind of advertisements will be effective in MTNL Ads platform?

MTNL Ads will be effective for any kind of product or service targeting upscale Mumbaikars. Here are a few scenarios to give you an idea:

  • You might be running an online business and want to promote your product
  • You own a brick & mortar business and want to offer door-delivery service
  • You want to promote your seasonal sale
  • You want to announce a press release
  • You aim to create awareness about your new household services like plumbing, wiring, painting etc.,
  • You plan to launch a new product
  • ...

The users targeted by MTNL Ads are SEC-A plus category and savvy consumers in Mumbai. They have computers, electronics, lifestyle goods, ecommerce services, mid and high-end retail, etc. If you need a targeted audience with spending power in Mumbai, this is the right platform for you.

6. Can I measure the effectiveness of MTNL Ads campaign?

Yes. We provide you with an interface that will detail out your campaign performance.

7. How does MTNL Ads compare to Web advertising?
  • MTNL Ads is completely uncluttered. With only one ad per email, your brand doesn't compete with any other for prominence
  • MTNL Ads is non-intrusive. With text and URL based ads included in emails, our platform doesn't annoy the customer, who appreciates being targeted with finesse
  • With MTNL Ads, your marketing spend spillover is close to nothing, given our laser targeted audience - you reach the right audience profile every single time you advertise
  • MTNL Ads is uncomplicated to use - you can use it yourself, without having to hire a digital agency, thus ensuring further savings
  • MTNL Ads have an unlimited shelf life. Once appended to an email, it can be forwarded multiple times, thus exponentially increasing the audience that views your ad
8. Can I have advertisements in any other format, like a Banner, or a Display ad?

No. Advertisements need to be in the prescribed format. Banner / display ads tend to be large and intrusive and go against the philosophy of MTNL Ads.

9. How is MTNL Ads priced?

MTNL Ads follows a bidding model on a 'Number of Impressions' basis.

You can specify a bidding price for your advertisement. The base bid price is INR 1.00.

You can bid for any price at or above this level.

When an Email comes in, MTNL Ads checks all the eligible campaigns (ones whose daily and overall budgets have not been exhausted) and selects the one with the highest bid.

10. Can MTNL Ads Advertisements be considered SPAM?

MTNL Ads is a unique platform, where ads are inserted into emails after the mail is checked for junk. Therefore MTNL Ads are never SPAM, and we have a No Spam Guarantee

11. Does MTNL Ads profile recipients / scan email contents to decide what Advertisement to display?

No. MTNL Ads takes privacy of its customers seriously and therefore cannot and will not use either the email contents or profile of the email recipients to decide what Advertisement to display. Neither are emails scanned for keywords nor recipients profiled for their preferences.