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About MTNL Ads


MTNL Ads is a digital advertising platform that enables online and offline businesses to market or create awareness of their products and services in Mumbai. The advertisements are uncluttered (only one per email), non-intrusive and are guaranteed not to be SPAM. The ads typically reach the upscale Mumbaikar (classified as SEC-A+) who is using MTNL broadband. With a 100% delivery promise, MTNL Ads is one of the best ways to reach the lucrative Mumbai market.

Ads are added to the end of emails sent out and received by MTNL Broadband email users, and reside in their mailbox.


Too many advertising mediums have too much clutter and too much spillover. No matter how many number of people a business wants to target, and no matter what the budget is, MTNL Ads enables advertisers to run effective advertising campaigns. While the pricing starts at a more than affordable INR 1 per impression, MTNL Ads makes advertising campaigns effective by providing graphical reporting, to get a bird's eye view of Advertisement performance.

MTNL Ads is easy to use for professional Digital marketers as well as novice business owners. With MTNL Ads self service portal, individual business owners and advertisement agencies can activate multiple campaigns, control budgets and graphically view the performance of each campaign. To get more details on how your business can benefit using MTNL Ads, click on the links below.


Advertisers can create and run campaigns in three easy steps:

In addition, advertisers can manage and optimize the budget for effective campaigns.


MTNL Ads is brought to you by the leading broadband service provider (600,000+ users and counting) in Mumbai, MTNL. With the goal of maximizing customer value and diversifying into data and content services, MTNL Ads was launched on Aug 1, 2016 in technical partnership with Carizen Software (P) Ltd., a premier Network Infrastructure solution provider.