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Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising platform to reach upscale mumbaikars right in their inbox.


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Advertise to MTNL Mumbai broadband users and monitor effectiveness of campaigns.


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MTNL Ads is a Digital advertising platform that allows you to reach the upscale Mumbaikar to market your products and services. Advertisements are added to genuine emails passing through MTNL email servers. MTNL Ads advertising is unique, uncluttered, non-intrusive and is guaranteed to reach the target audience.

Reach MTNL Broadband users

Identifying target market with a strong customer base is one of the most important criteria of a successful marketing plan. In the highly lucrative Mumbai market, having access to a target customer base is any marketer's dream. This is the advantage one gets with MTNL Ads platform. MTNL Ads platform enables you to reach out to MTNL Broadband Subscribers. These are Mumbai's premium audience, people who spend money on computers, smartphones, electronics, ecommerce, travel, vehicles, lifestyle products, apparel etc. These are the people you need to target, for your products and services.

Guaranteed Ad Delivery

Unlike other online advertising solutions, MTNL Ads platform has a Guaranteed No Spam Feature. MTNL Ads platform has an in built feature of blocking all Spam emails. The ads are inserted into emails after the junk have been blocked and discarded.Therefore, you can be rest assured that your ad will reach the user's inbox every single time. Moreover, your advertisement spreads when the receiver replies or forwards their emails.

Uncluttered Advertising with a long shelf life

MTNL Ads displays only one advertisement per email. This means that unlike other medium, your ad is the only one vying for the consumer's attention. Since ads are added to genuine emails sent and received by the target users, the ad remains active for as long as the mail exists in anyone's inbox. We have records of ad links being clicked even a year after the campaign.

Visible on any mobile / tablet / PC device

MTNL Ads advertisements are added to end of emails and can be seen by user's on any device. Whether it is a corporate user checking emails on Outlook or a travelling user checking email on IPhone, you can be rest assured that your advertisement will be displayed on the device being used.